our first post

We’ve decided it’s time to start chronicling together our spiritual/religious journey. Partly for ourselves, partly for any others who might be at times encouraged by it, at times able to resonate with it, at times able to learn from our mistakes.

Part of the impetus for starting this blog now is that I will be attending this Envision 08 conference at Princeton from Sunday-Tuesday.

“Envision ‘08 is about the power of the gospel to transform the public square. It’s about Jesus and justice, evangelical history and heritage, and practiced theology. It’s about the next one hundred years of the church and its impact on the common good.”

I’m excited to brainstorm with others about how followers of Jesus can be a “counterculture for the common good” in our world today. I participated in an online synanim dialogue on June 2 which drafted some vision documents. You can also look at the official conference vision statement.

I’ve signed up for the following track:

Religious Pluralism and Christian Faith – Understand more deeply the meaning of Christian witness in a multi-religious world, especially where religion is a source of conflict and war.

Led by Miroslav Volf and Samir Selmanovic

I’m working through a couple of Volf’s books and hope to blog about them at some point.



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