I’m back from the Envision conference at Princeton. What a packed two and a half days! I made my way through Philly on Sunday afternoon, walking from Penn campus,

through the Odunde African festival,

to South Street for a cheesesteak at Jim’s.

A few trains later, I made it to Princeton. A highlight at the conference was running into my friend Rajeev Nandakumaran (a.k.a. G-VO) who performed his music the first night of the conference. We lived in a squatter community in Manila together three summers ago.

There was a conference bookstore with most everything 50% off!  I stocked up, mostly on IVP books.  I read one on the trip back to L.A. on “what postmodern skeptics taught us about their path to Jesus” which was really excellent!

I ditched one of the sessions to take a “Princeton Orange Key Campus Tour.” It was fun to learn some of the history.

Our last session Tuesday night took place in the beautiful chapel, where John Perkins was honored followed by Jim Wallis giving his characteristic rallying cry.

More soon on the content of the conference.



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