We’ve started this blog to chronicle together our journey as followers of Jesus. We’ve been married since 2006, live in Pasadena, and attend Epicentre Church. We met while serving overseas and would like to eventually return to working in a cross-cultural setting.

Bryant is an assistant math professor and Margaret is studying for her PhD in social welfare at UCLA.


One response to “About

  1. This looks like a cool blog, I will have to keep checking it out!

    Bry do you still teach math? I am looking to eventually become a teacher myself, any pointers?

    I haven’t read the Rise of Evangelicalism (I saw you did) but from what I’ve heard about it (which hasn’t been much truthfully) you would probably like Celtic Way of Evangelism. Its one of my favs! Have you read it?

    Mar, the Kristof article about conspiracies was very interesting, are you interested in American culture? Anthropology in general? Politics? Just wondering.

    This month is Esquire there is a great article about how America isn’t dumber than it used to be but just knows different things. I don’t know if I agree but you might like the article.

    Thanks for the good blog guys, keep it up!

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