Last updated 2008

* local friends: we would love for you to borrow any of these books.  just ask!

Recently completed:

True story: a Christianity worth believing in
by James Choung

Currently reading:

Jesus for president: politics for ordinary radicals
by Shane Claiborne and Chris Haw

I once was lost: what postmodern skeptics taught us about their path to Jesus
by Don Everts and Doug Schaupp

Free of charge: giving and forgiving in a culture stripped of grace
by Miroslav Volf

The end of memory: remembering rightly in a violent world
by Miroslav Volf

Next in line:

Economics in Christian perspective: theory, policy and life choices
by Victor V. Claar and Robin J. Klay

Reimagining evangelism: inviting friends on a spiritual journey
by Rick Richardson

Transforming power: biblical strategies for making a difference in your community
by Robert Linthicum

Christian Zionism: road-map to Armageddon?
by Stephen Sizer

Evangelical does not equal Republican . . . or Democrat
by Lisa Sharon Harper

Kingdom ethics: following Jesus in contemporary context
by Glen H. Stassen and David P. Gushee


N.T. Wright:

summary of Christianity–
Simply Christian: why Christianity makes sense
Surprised by hope: rethinking heaven, the resurrection, and the mission of the Church

history, epistemology, and theology . . . with footnotes–
(Christian origins and the question of God series)
The New Testament and the people of God
Jesus and the victory of God
The resurrection of the Son of God


The challenge of Jesus: rediscovering who Jesus was and is

The meaning of Jesus: two visions

What Saint Paul really said
Paul: in fresh perspective

the “for everyone” series
The new interpreter’s Bible: Romans

The last word: scripture and the authority of God–getting beyond the Bible wars
Evil and the justice of God

Following Jesus: biblical reflections on discipleship
Reflecting the glory


The moral vision of the New Testament: community, cross, new creation
by Richard Hays


Come be my light
by Mother Teresa

The academy, politics, economics, social justice & racial reconciliation:

The end of poverty: economic possibilities for our time
by Jeffrey Sachs

God’s politics: why the Right gets it wrong and the Left doesn’t get it
Faith Works: how to live your beliefs and ignite positive social change
by Jim Wallis

Good news about injustice: a witness of courage in a hurting world
by Gary Haugen

Good news and good works: a theology for the whole gospel
Rich Christians in an age of hunger: moving from affluence to generosity
Just generosity: a new vision for overcoming poverty in America
by Ronald J. Sider

The scandal of the evangelical mind
by Mark Noll

Grace at the table: ending hunger in God’s world
by David Beckmann and Arthur Simon


Christian living:

Life together: faith in community
by Dietrich Bonhoeffer

Real sex: the naked truth about chastity
by Lauren F. Winner


Arminian theology: myths and realities
by Roger Olson

Is God to blame? Moving beyond pat answers to the problem of evil
God at war: the Bible & spiritual conflict

Satan and the problem of evil: constructing a trinitarian warfare theodicy
by Gregory Boyd

No other name: an investigation into the destiny of the unevangelized
by John Sanders

The Israel of God: yesterday, today, and tomorrow
by O. Palmer Robertson

Whose promised land? The continuing crisis over Israel and Palestine
by Colin Chapman

The openness of God: a biblical challenge to the traditional view of God
by Clark H. Pinnock et. al.

by G.K. Chesterton

What does it mean to be saved? Broadening evangelical horizons of salvation
ed. John G. Stackhouse Jr.

Who can be saved? Reassessing salvation in Christ and world religions
by Terrance L. Tiessen

Echoes of scripture in the letters of Paul
The faith of Jesus Christ: the narrative substructure of Galatians 3.1-4.11
by Richard B. Hays

Recovering the scandal of the cross: atonement in New Testament & contemporary contexts
by Joel B. Green & Mark D. Baker

Holy scripture: revelation, inspiration & interpretation
by Donald G. Bloesch

Welcoming others to faith:

Get the word out: how God shapes and sends his witnesses
by John Teter

Letters from a skeptic: a son wrestles with his father’s questions about Christianity
by Gregory Boyd

Engaging unbelief: a captivating strategy from Augustine and Aquinas
by Curtis Chang


The gospel in a pluralist society
The open secret: an introduction to the theology of mission

Proper confidence: faith, doubt, and certainty in Christian discipleship

Foolishness to the Greeks: the gospel and western culture
by Lesslie Newbigin

Personal knowledge: towards a post-critical philosophy
by Michael Polanyi


Eerdmans commentary on the Bible
ed. Dunn & Rogerson

Eerdmans dictionary of the Bible
ed. Freedman

The IVP Bible background commentary: New Testament
by Craig S. Keener

Christian theology: an introduction
by Alister E. McGrath

The Church in ancient society (Oxford history of the Christian Church)
by Henry Chadwick

New dictionary of Christian apologetics
ed. Campbell-Jack, McGrath, Evans

The new interpreter’s Bible New Testament commentary

The IVP introduction to the Bible
by Philip S. Johnstone




Revelation (Ancient Christian commentary on scripture XII)
ed. William C. Weinrich

The message of Revelation (The Bible speaks today)
by Michael Wilcock

Discipleship on the edge: an expository journey through the book of Revelation
by Darrell W. Johnson

The book of Revelation: a commentary on the Greek text
by G.K. Beale

Other religions:

Cross and crescent: responding to the challenge of Islam
by Colin Chapman

A history of Islamic societies
by Ira M. Lapidus

The prophet and the age of the caliphates
by Hugh Kennedy

Muslims: their religious beliefs and practices
by Andrew Rippin

The emerging church:

The new Christians
by Tony Jones

A new kind of Christian: a tale of two friends on a spiritual journey (dno)
The story we find ourselves in: further adventures of a new kind of Christian (dno)
The secret message of Jesus
by Brian McLaren

C.S. Lewis:

The chronicles of Narnia
The Screwtape letters
Till we have faces: a myth retold (dno)
The great divorce

science fiction–
Out of the silent planet

That hideous strength

Mere Christianity
Surprised by joy: the shape of my early life
The four loves
Reflections on the Psalms
The problem of pain
The abolition of man
A grief observed


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