Andy Crouch– Bryant’s InterVarsity staff worker

Donald Miller– Tracking his Ride:Well bike tour

Gregory Boyd– author and pastor of Woodland Hills Church in St. Paul, MN

Jesus Creed– Scot McKnight, professor at North Park University in Chicago

Kiva Chronicles

Nick Kristof– Our favorite NY Times columnist

NT Wright– Bishop of Durham, Bryant’s favorite author

here and there:

Books and Culture– Christian Book Review

Epicentre Church Pasadena– Our church

Food for Thought Catering– faith based company training urban youth

InterVarsity Graduate & Faculty Ministries

KCRW– LA’s best radio station

Mar’s LA food guide and map

Story of Stuff– 20 minute video about the effects of consumption/production

The Christian Vision Project– culture 06 / mission 07 / gospel 08

Upward Bound House– transitional housing facility our life group partners with

events and conferences:

June 8-10, 2008
Envision:  The Gospel, Politics & the Future
conference at Princeton on Christian engagement in the public square

Summer 2008
The Church Basement Roadshow
“a vision of an alternative Christianity” book tour

December 27-31, 2008
InterVarsity Following Christ 2008
conference in Chicago on “Human Flourishing” for scholars and professionals


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